Shachi Rai Gupta

Board of Directors Shachi Rai Gupta Designation : Co-Chair; Certification & Technology Qualification: BA (Tourism) Vice President/Branch Manager — BCB Bank Icon-facebook Twitter Youtube

Neha Mahajan

Board of Directors Neha Mahajan Designation : Committee Chair, Legal & Membership Qualification: MS (Public Health) — Chamberlain University BS (Pre-Professional Biology) — Kean University Icon-facebook Twitter Youtube

Parag Nevetia

Board of Directors Parag Nevetia Designation : Secretary Committee Chair, Sponsorship (SBEs) & Networking Qualification: JD – Rutgers University School of Law BA (Political Science) – Seton Hall University Managing… Continue reading Parag Nevetia

Ajay Kumar

Board of Directors Ajay Kumar Designation : Treasurer Committee Chair, Education/Awareness & Webinars Qualification: Loan Officer — BCB Bank Icon-facebook Twitter Youtube

Komal Dangi

Board of Directors Komal Dangi Designation : Vice-President of Strategy and Growth Committee Chair, Certification & Technology Qualification: PhD (Applied Behavioral Analysis) MBA — (Healthcare Administration) BA — (Therapeutic Recreation… Continue reading Komal Dangi

Harry Mehta

Board of Directors Harry Mehta Designation : Co-Chair; Event Management & Logistics Qualification: BS (Computer Science) Icon-facebook Twitter Youtube

Chetan Wattamwar

Board of Directors Chetan Wattamwar Designation : Committee Chair, Event Management & Logistics Qualification: Owner — Somerset Insurance Associates/Allstate Icon-facebook Twitter Youtube

Ilayas Quraishi

Board of Directors Ilayas Quraishi Designation : Committee Chair, PR & Social Media Qualification: COO — Parikh Worldwide Media — ITV Gold Icon-facebook Twitter Youtube

Rekha Parthasarathy

Board of Directors Rekha Parthasarathy Designation : Vice-President of Operations Qualification: BA (Tourism) Vice President/Branch Manager — BCB Bank Icon-facebook Twitter Youtube

Rajeev Krishna

Board of Directors Rajeev Krishna Designation : President Qualification: MBA (Finance) — University of Chicago MS — Illinois Institute of Technology B.Tech, Indian Institute of Technology (lIT) — Madras President/Owner… Continue reading Rajeev Krishna