Our History

AICC was the brainchild of a few visionaries in the mid 1990’s. They wanted to build a forum for the growing Asian Indian business community. By way of a strong constitution they ensured that it did not get taken over by dictatorial elements in our community. The motto of our chamber aptly states that ‘None of Us is as Strong as All of Us’. Besides acknowledging the power in numbers, it also emphasises the creed that providing new leadership every 2 or four years is the only way to ensure that the Chamber will evolve, bring new ideas and continue to serve the needs of our community.
‘India Goes Global’ (1996) was the first all-day conference that opened doors for the chamber to the outside world. We had speakers travel from India for this event. Over the years, the chamber organized many successful Networking events and Outreach programs.
Chamber has evolved as per our membership needs but our goal to help them succeed remains the same.

Board of Directors

Our Mission


To serve as a hub for valuable business resources and relationships that will help our members succeed and grow their business.

For our Sponsors…

Take steps to maximize exposure for our sponsors and their products and services within our community. Facilitate their access to a pool of qualified/certified suppliers for their procurement needs.

AICC Strategy to support its mission
Accomplish four Key Objectives

Expand Relationships
& Opportunities

Build Awareness Of Aicc Programs & Sponsor Support

Educate Our

Forge New
Value Chains

Expand Relationships & Opportunities

Retain existing members and build new membership

The committees tasked with achieving this objective are

Educate Our Members

Provide relevant networking, educational and informational business resources that will help our members thrive and succeed

The committees tasked with achieving this objective are

Build Awareness of AICC Programs & Sponsor Support

Create professional teams to oversee and deliver Social Media / Digital Marketing campaigns and Media outreach (TV, Radio, Print). A professional, graphics and content development team to assist in this process

The committees tasked with achieving this objective are:

Forge New Value Chains

Develop meaningful collaborative relationships with corporate business enterprises, multi-ethnic and multicultural chamber organizations, certification agencies and state and local government bodies

The committees tasked with achieving this objective are

Asian Indian Community

Indian Americans make up 1.4% of the U.S. population and are the largest group of South Asian Americans. With a growth rate of 69.37%, We are the fastest-growing ethnic group in the US and represent in many fields including academics and entrepreneurs, doctors and lawyers, engineers and financiers. We are proud to be the Most highly Educated Indian-Americans with the highest earnings among other foreign and native-born populations as per PEW Research.
“No longer perceived as “foreigners,” Asian Americans now represent “a galvanized and influential community that is helping to shape the American mainstream,” The Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community in the U.S. will control $1.3 trillion of spending power by 2022” according to Nielsen.
Asian Indian Chamber of Commerce strengthens the Indian community in the US to enhance the Sense of Pride and accomplishment. As a part of this community, We believe in diversity and unity at the same time.